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Osteopath at Work


Assess, Treat, Prevent

Philip Hull is an Osteopath with 20 years experience. Philip works from 18b Cheap Street Practice in Frome, Somerset.


Alignment and balance

Based on the principle that the well-being of an individual depends on the integration of all the working parts. It is wholly Natural and there are no pain killers involved, we work to kill the pain and get to the source of the pain, quickly!
Using deep tissue massage and applying pressure to specific areas we are able to manipulate the joints into their correct position alleviating pressure and pain around the joint.


Getting straight to the point

Through Philip's continued professional developement he has also trained in trigger point dry needling (medical acupuncture) and acupressure (which can be used if preferred). This can be highly effective for relieving painful trigger points, especially when combined with other forms of treatment such as deep massage and Osteopathy. Trigger points are tight bands or knots in muscle tissue which are often a major component of persistent or chronic conditions such as tension headaches and other “referred pain” conditions.


Subtle yet powerful

This gentle approach is used on people of all ages, and is often the preferred choice for babies and young children. Based on the osteopathic principle of structural re-alignment, cranial osteopathy uses very gentle manipulative pressure to encourage the release of stresses and stains throughout the whole body, including the head.
Cranial Osteopathy is often used in combination with other osteopathic techniques. It is extremely gentle yet highly effective.

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Philip Hull graduated with an Honours degree from The European School Of Osteopathy in 1999. From here he travelled to New Zealand and worked there for 2 years before returning and setting up clinic in the UK.

For the last 8 years Phil has been working from Frome where he lives with his wife and 3 children.

With over 25 years experience in his field Philip is still continuously growing as a therapist and has added medical acupuncture and muscle testing to his repertoire. 


Osteopathy is a method of assessing, treating and preventing a wide range of health problems. Osteopaths use a combination of movement, stretching, targeted deep tissue massage and manipulation of a person’s muscles and joints to improve function, relieve pain and aid recovery.
The body has the natural ability to maintain itself and, by helping this process, an osteopath can promote restoration of normal function. The principle of osteopathy is that the well-being of an individual relies on the way that bones, muscles, ligaments, connective tissue and internal structures work with each other.
Osteopaths have a very detailed understanding of anatomy, physiology and how a person's structure may impact their health, this knowledge is used to accurately diagnose the cause of a person's complaint and to decide on the best way to resolve it. Often this will involve the application of manual techniques and the prescription of exercises and stretches which the person can do at home to aid the healing process. At all times the patient's needs are the focus resulting in many methods being used to return the patient to optimum health.
Osteopaths treat people of all ages and fitness levels from the elderly to the newborn, manual workers, office professionals, pregnant women, children, babies and sports people.
By focusing on the individual and addressing the structural imbalances and lifestyle issues causing the symptom pattern, we are able to help a wide variety of conditions. 
People have reported relief in their symptoms of various conditions including back-ache and back-pain, sciatica, neck pain, RSI, headaches, whiplash, joint pain, muscle spasms, stiffness, pain and cramps, arthritic and rheumatic pain and stiffness, Neuralgia, frozen shoulder, elbow pain/tennis elbow, Fibromyalgia, minor sports injuries, digestive problems, circulatory problems and inability to relax.


All you need to know




Simply wear something you are comfortable in. As with any medical examination, you may be asked to undress to your underwear, but this is completely up to you and how comfortable you feel.


Yes - if you wish, you can have someone present throughout your consultation and treatment.


Some soft tissue treatment may cause discomfort during treatment. Your osteopath will tell you what to expect, and will want you to let them know if you are in pain. You may feel a little stiff or sore after treatment. This is a perfectly normal, healthy response to the treatment.


You do not need to see your doctor first if you are paying for your own treatment. However, some insurance companies require you to see your doctor first. Osteopathy is available on the NHS in some areas - and national guidelines say it should be available everywhere for low back pain.


The number of treatments you need depends on the condition and person we are treating. We aim to keep your appointments to a minimum. Your Osteopath will be able to tell you within a short period of time whether they can treat you or if they need to refer you to someone else.


The initial assessment is an hour so we can take a medical history and have a chat about your requirements, followed by a treatment.
Follow-on appointments are 30 minutes.


The initial hour assessment is £65.
Follow-on appointments are £55.


Clinics available in Frome:
Tue: 10am - 6:30pm
Wednesday: 10am - 6:30pm
Thu: 10am - 6:30pm
Call Monday to Friday 9am-7pm to have a chat, find out more or book an appointment.


Covid-19 : New Practice Instructions

The following are some of the measures we have introduced at the practice;

  1. Please ensure that you or any members of your household are not experiencing symptoms or have been in contact with others experiencing symptoms linked to COVID-19.

  2. Social distancing – we will encourage patients to arrive at their appointment time to ensure they don’t come into contact with other patients. Appointments are currently staggered at 15 minute intervals to allow time for cleaning. Please understand that if you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment you will not be seen but will still be charged.

  3. Clinic cleaning – the treatment room, hard surfaces and the treatment table will be thoroughly cleaned before and after each patient. We have removed cloth coverings from the treatment table and will use wipeable pillows to allow easy and thorough sanitisation.

  4. The osteopaths will be wearing PPE consisting of a face mask, apron and gloves. PPE will be disposed of in an appropriate manner after each appointment.

  5. Patients will be asked to use hand sanitiser on arrival at the clinic and to use a face covering. Either their own or we will provide one.

  6. We will take your temperature before each treatment.

These are some of the measures we will be taking so that we can ensure the safety of all people using the practice. Further information on clinic protocols and procedures can be found on the Covid-19: Practice News section on this website.




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